Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lexee Jo is 4 months :)

This little girlie turned 4 months old at the end of September :)

* Is a lovely 16.5 lbs (out weighs both of her sisters by two lbs)
* Is a whopping 26.75 inches tall (yep has two inches on both sisters as well at 4 mos)
* Loves to smile and talk talk talk
* Found her feet and toes, they've become great friends ;)
* Doesn't like to sleep through the night (but then again I know I'm not that lucky)
* Rylee is definitely one person that can get her to smile and laugh
* Sydnee is the little watcher, she climbs into Lexee's crib and sits with her until I come and get Lex (good or              bad not sure yet)
* Loves to stand up when you are holding her hands
* Bath time continues to be her favorite time of day (When Rylee and Syd are in the bath she sits on the side, refusing to wait her turn and usually ends up completely soaked)
* Haven't ventured down the cereal or food path yet but we'll be trying it out in the next couple weeks or so
* She some how acquired a piece of licorice last night and found that-that was a pretty tasty thing to suck on ooops :) (thanks Sydnee babysitter)

* Three little girls, Shane you definitely have your work cut out for you :) That is of course because my year vacation starts when you get home.....RIGHT???? (lol)


Rachel Seren said...

She is adorable!

Leo said...
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Smith's said...

HoLy SmOkEs! She is Shane"s daughter, maybe more-so than the other two ;)

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...